Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pickle the Adventure Cat, Part One / Big Move Phase One

Phase One of our Big Move to Australia was initiated on January 6th (yesterday) morning when a representative from the pet moving company came to collect Pickle.

Pickle was unaware of what was going on as we laid all her travel documents, towel and a small container of treats on the table. To be honest I didn't look forward to Pickle's pick-up to arrive; I had just said goodbye to Fluffy in November and this parting hit a raw nerve. (Furthermore I hadn't had breakfast and was getting hangry.)

Ever so abruptly, Helen from the pet moving company entered our house, swiftly put Pickle into a crate, was handed over original copies of Pickle's documents and the "comfort" items I wanted Pickle to have, turned around, and left. I didn't get to say goodbye to Pickle and suffered what I believe you would classify as a bad separation anxiety. (My poor baby girl!)

Good thing is having a rational brain otherwise known as The Hubs alongside, or I would have gone hysterical. (How I became such a possessive and crazy cat person, I do not know...)

Having requested for some information on Pickle's updates, I tracked her flight, giving my wild mind some peace. Pickle made it across the United States! Part One of her big adventure is now complete; three more parts to go.

I say Pickle deserves the Brave 'N Adventurous Kitty Award. Don't mind me if I start a count down to keep me sane... It is 35 more days to February 10th!

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  1. Love this. I so wish I could have brought my cat, Pete, with me on my travels but his age and health prevented it. The only thing missing from my new home is a cat child...